Company Overview

GEST, is an engineering & Training consulting firm specialized in energy management, water, environment and technical facilities management in the industrial, tertiary and residential sectors.

Founded since 2007, and known as TEST, this Company, is managed by multi-skilled engineers with a relevant experience in various fields, supported by a great “know-how”, offers finest technological services and solutions.

Who we are

We are a group of experts who decided to join their experiences, their skills and their multidisciplinary qualifications to deal with customers willing to share our values and fundamental principles in the implementation of their energy projects.

Our values

• Being independent engineers who do their job according to the best rules of art.

• Providing performances respecting the triptych of quality, Cost and deadline.

• Our customs are our partners, we work in perfect synergy to guarantee the knowledge transfer and act in their best interests.

• Conform to ethics rules and the deontology of our job and respect the principles of struggle against fraud and corruption.

Our Fundamental Principles

The choice of areas of our activities corresponds to our conviction to the following fundamental principles:

• Universal and inclusive access to energy in its different forms contributes to human development through its positive impact on health, education as well as the development of new activities providing income including the most vulnerable populations.

• Energy efficiency is a considerable part of economic performance in the productive systems. It supposes the modernization of energy systems, the optimization of the offer and the mastery of the energy demand as well as the integrated resources planning.

• Improving the contribution of renewable energy in the future energy mix, is a strategic orientation of sustainable development.

• The search of economic performance in relation to the choice of energy forms leads to the evaluation of the whole cycle of each energy since its production till the elimination of associated products to optimize its carbon imprint.

• Water, as a renewable but vulnerable resource, is considered according to the same fundamental principles and strategic orientations applied to energy in case of an Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM).

Fields of activities

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